Here Are The Best Medication Reminder Apps In 2019

We’ve put together a list of the top medication reminder apps in 2019, so you can stop worrying about forgetting to take your prescriptions, and focus on what’s most important in your life.
Agnus Smith
Published on
February 5, 2019
Updated on
January 22, 2024

Even after it becomes part of your daily routine, remembering to take your medication is one of the biggest trials facing American seniors. So, don’t feel bad if you often forget, because you're far from the only one. In fact, research even suggests it isn’t necessarily the difference between people that sparks forgetfulness when it comes to taking your prescriptions, but rather, the difference in your everyday life. For example, if you find yourself waking up to a full packed day, you may be more likely to forget to take your medication than on a day when you are less busy.

Regardless of the reasoning behind forgetting to take medication, there is real life risk to be aware of. Without trying to sound too dramatic, for some, remembering to take your prescriptions is a matter of life and death. Thankfully, we live in a day and age when medication reminder apps are available and easier than ever to use. Here are some of the best medication reminder apps you can download in 2019.

1. Pill Reminder

Pill Reminder is an all-in-one medication reminder app that reminds those who need to take their medications on a regular basis. This app includes features such as reminders for medications, medical appointments, email reports to your doctors, and more. The Pill Reminder app is available for iPhone or iPad.

It comes in your choice of a free version or a $1.99 version that includes more features such as specifying which medications needs to be taken, including the dosing. It's useful for those who have a hard time remembering to take their medications.

2. Spire

Spire is a reminder app that doubles as a mindfulness app. While it has a feature that reminds you to take your medication, it focuses on fitness and sleep as well. It's an all-in-one app that helps you stay on top of your physical and mental health.

Spire provides around-the-clock remote patient monitoring. It includes other features like an activity tracker, a heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker, and respiration. It comes with a device called a health tag that you can adhere to your clothes that monitors your vitals and movements as you go about your day. The app is free while the health tag starts at $49.00.

3. XReminder

XReminder is more than just another medication reminder app. It reminds you of all of the important things you need to do. It's the perfect iOS medication reminder app for those who are extremely forgetful. If you need something to remind you to take your pills at a certain time during the day, this will provide you with the features you need.

You can import reminders such as appointments, medications, notes, phone calls, and more. It's available for $1.99 on the Apple App Store. Paying a little extra for this reminder app is worth it since you'll be taking charge of your health.

4. Medisafe Medication Reminder

This medication reminder app allows you to keep track of multiple people's medications by creating profiles. It also keeps track of your prescription refills and reminds you when it's time for a new refill. This free iOS medication reminder app has received rave reviews on the Apple Store. This Android medication reminder app has also gotten high remarks on the Google Play Store. It's one of the most downloaded apps in both of these stores.

5. Tabtime Vibe Vibrating Pill Reminder

This medication reminder app is a modern twist on the classic pill box. The Tabtime Vibe Vibrating Pill Reminder includes five compartments with its own alarms that beep and vibrate when it's time to take your medication. The little device that works with the Android medication reminder app fits easily into your backpack, pocket, or purse and costs less than $20.

6. Med Finder

If you want mobile alerts but don't like the alarm on your smartphone, Med Minder allows you to create reminders for up to four daily doses. It sends out digital reminders via phone call, text message, lights, and beeps. The great thing about this medication reminder app is that you don't have to be connected to the Internet to receive any of these alerts. It does have a monthly fee, which starts at $39.99 for the device. The more advanced units cost $64.99 per month. These devices include features like contact emergency assistance, which is great for senior citizens.

7. PillPack

If you want someone else to do the dosing for you, then you should get a Pill Pack medication reminder app. You can send your medications to this app, which will organize them by dosing. The medications will be delivered to your home every two weeks. They'll even reach out to your physician to confirm your medications and alert you when your prescriptions are running low.

8. E-Pill Once-a-Day Reminder

If you only need to take one pill a day, then this app is for you. This is great for those who only need to take an antibiotic or birth control. This device will adhere to any smooth surface, like your medicine cabinet or refrigerator. After you take your medication, turn the dial back to the current day of the week so you know when you last took your pill.

These are just some of the best medication reminder apps on the market. Take a look at what's out there before deciding on just one. Compare the features and costs for each of these apps, and don't forget to read the reviews and rating. Finally, you’ll be able to stop worrying about remembering to take your medication in 2019 and see what this year has in store for you.

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