How To Get A Replacement Medicare Card

By: Meredith Miller
Published: Thursday, September 27 2018
Last Updated: 4 years ago

The Medicare card replacement program is a very important part of your coverage. You need a card to present to people who provide services, and you must get a new Medicare card when you realize your current card is gone. You might get a replacement Medicare card when you are going out of town, or you might need one to keep in your car or office just in case. Take a look at all the things that you need to do for a new card, and remember that you can complete this process fairly quickly.

What To Do If The Card Is Lost Stolen Or Damaged

You can contact the service center to get a replacement Medicare card at any time, and you must give them a little information to have your replacement card replaced. Someone who has lost their card might be out of town, but they can call the service center from there.

You must report the loss of the card immediately because you never know if someone is going to try to use it. You need a Medicare card replacement so that you know someone else is not using your card, and you will find that you could have it shipped out quickly or a copy emailed to you.

How To Get A Replacement Medicare Card

The new Medicare card is sent to you once you go to the local Medicare office or call the service center. You can get all the information you need on a new card, and you might ask the company if they have something for you that will be most helpful.

They might offer to send you a new card in the mail, or they could easily overnight the card if you really need it. They might send a copy of the card to the doctor's office that you have visited, or you could have the Medicare card sent to your location because you are not home.

What You Will Need To Provide

You need to provide your personal information, and the people in the Medicare service center will verify your identity. The Medicare service center will help you get into your account, and they will ask you what has happened to your card. You have to show how the card was lost or stolen. You also need to be sure that you have asked them to either replace the card or cancel the old card.

There are some people who will help you get the account changed, and they might even check for any claims that people might have filed. They could also flag your account in case any fraudulent claims come in because they need to stop those claims from going through. They also check to be certain that someone has not called and tried to get your personal information with the aid of the card.

New Medicare Cards 2018

The new Medicare card that you get in 2018 is a much nicer version of the older card, and you will notice that it is definitely a new card because of the design. You need to have the card changed over just in case you cannot find it, and people who steal your old card might end up with the old design. The Medicare card replacement will be done with a new serial number, and the person who needs a new account number could have that printed on their card.

Take Down Or Copy Important Information Just In Case

The new Medicare card is something that you can have sent out quickly, but you might need to jot down some information just in case you have problems. You need to show the doctor or hospital that you have Medicare, and they could use the information that you have jotted down. You could do the same when you visit a therapist or go to a pharmacy.

You must have this information with you if you are going out of town, and you might need this information if you are going on a road trip that only lasts for a day. This could be the day you are without the card, and you must have the information written down. You can get the best medical care through your Medicare program, but you must get a replacement Medicare card in case it has been lost or stolen.

Someone who is afraid of losing their coverage, fraud, or accidents and emergencies should have the card replaced right now. You can call the service center right away, and they will let you know what you should do to get a new card. The service center can ship the card to you, send that information to a doctor, or they could overnight a card to your current location.