Medicare Advantage Plans Shift Their Financial Risk To Doctors

By: Thomas Wright
Published: Wednesday, October 10 2018
Last Updated: 4 years ago

Medicare Advantage Plan providers are changing the way that they manage risk. These Medicare plans were designed to offer more cash for all services, but they expect Medicare beneficiaries and doctor's offices to file claims after routine Medicare has been claimed. This extends the paperwork to people in the office or the patient who does not understand insurance. Someone who is looking for a Medicare Advantage Plan will find that they can get Medicare Plans that will help them pay for more services, but they need to understand how claims work.

Medicare Beneficiaries Need To Understand Advantage Plans

Someone who is looking for Medicare Advantage Plan will find that all the plans pay out differently. Someone who wants to use an advantage plan probably has extra services they know they need to pay for. You have to find a plan that will pay these things off quickly, and you will not get billed for responsibility if you have the advantage plan. However, you also must ask your doctor's office to file through that Advantage Plan. The plans that you are looking for should provide you with enough money to get all the services that you need.

How Do Medicare Plans Renew?

Medicare beneficiaries must learn how the plans renew. Someone who wants to get the best plan will find that they can renew every year or choose a new plan. You could pick out a new plan that you think will pay for all your medical care in the best way, and you also have to be sure that you have checked for new plans that might work better. You could come across some advantage plans that will offer you a lot of extra money to work with, and you have to see if this is the time to change.

Who Needs Advantage Plans?

Anyone who wants Medicare Advantage Plans should take a look at what the plans pay out. Someone who is trying to save money on their medical care must start with an Advantage Plan under Part C because it is the only way for them to get the extra money they need. You also have to remember that you can file claims with these plans for anything from a very expensive drug to an expensive hospital visit. The plans will fill in all the gaps, and you will save money because you have a plan that was paid for by the government.

How Are Claims Filed?

The claims that are filed for Advantage Plans are filed at the same time as the routine Medicare claims. The Medicare claims are all priced before they even go to the Medicare service center. You know how much this is going to cost, and you know how much the Advantage Plan has to pay for. You can save yourself a lot of time and energy on this because you can use the Advantage Plan to get your claims paid a lot faster. You have to remember that someone who is using these plans might forget, and you have to ask the doctor's office to send the claim instantly. If you wait for any time at all, you could be stuck with a bill.

The Plans Have Their Own Customer Service

The plans have their own customer service centers, and these people will talk you through the issues that you might have. They explain the way that the claims are managed, and they can give you an idea of how much the plan will pay if you have concerns about your coverage. They can take some claims for you over the phone, and they might send reimbursements if you need them. These companies understand that they are supplementing your Medicare, and they will talk to you about how that works.

The Plans Change Every Year

The plans change every year because they provide you with differing levels of coverage. You can use the plans for how much money they provide, and someone who wants to get a new plan could call the Medicare service center to ask them to give you the best possible plan. They have comparison charts that explain how these plans cover you, and you can make a much better decision because of these charts.


The best choice that you can make is to be sure that you have gotten The Medicare Advantage Plan. There are many plans that you can use to get the extra cash that you need, and you also need to find a better Advantage Plan that will pay for the extra things that you need. You simply need to be sure that you have chosen an Advantage Plan that you know will pay for all those things you are in need of from hospital stays to medications.