Medicare Managed Care Manual - Quick Rundown

By: Meredith Miller
Published: Wednesday, October 10 2018
Last Updated: 4 years ago

There are many people who are trying to learn about the Medicare managed care manual because they are concerned about the level of coverage that they will get if they are not aware of their rights. The Medicare manual tells you everything you need to know, and learning about the annual election period is a must in order to make the best choices for your future healthcare. There are many ways for you to get the right coverage, and you must familiarize yourself with the manual first.

Enrollment Eligibility

Your eligibility is handled during the annual election period. You can sign up during that period every year, when you turn 65, or have your case approved. Some people are trying to learn what they can do because this is their first time on Medicare, and others are hoping to choose a new plan because they need better coverage. The Medicare manual will show you what can be done to help you choose the right plan, and it will explain your eligibility. If you are eligible, you can sign up during the annual election period every year for the coverage you need.

Annual Election Period (AEP)

The AEP uses the Medicare managed care manual to explain which plans you can sign up for. You should use the Medicare managed care manual to learn which plans you can get under Medicare Part A and Medicare Part C. The Medicare Advantage Plans are laid out in the manual, and you must check these plans because they offer more coverage, more cash, and more services. You can get the Part C plans during the AEP because they help you pay for all the extras that you need, and you should read the Medicare manual so you know which of them you need.

Enrollment Procedures

You must go online or call the service center to find out which plans you can sign up for, and you might want to call to someone about what you read in the Medicare managed care manual. Many people will find they need clarification because they do not understand Medicare plans. If you call in you can ask why one company's plan is better than another, and you might ask about the Part C plans that you want.

Before enrolling you need to be 65 and have to have the right documentation to prove it. You can provide a government ID or birth certificate that shows that you are eligible for Medicare. If you are someone who is on disability or on early Medicare, you must make certain that you have all the documents ready for your application. There are many people who will not have all their documents together, and it is better to talk someone about this so that they can help you get enrolled.

You will get all your enrollment papers in the mail once the plan has been chosen. You will receive documentation from the company that handles both Part A and Part C for you, and you must use these papers to go to the doctor, file claims, and make appointments with specific doctors. You are also shown how your prescription coverage works and can be covered under Part D for all the drugs that you need.

Disenrollment Procedures

The disenrollment procedures are very easy to follow because you can send over an email or call the service center. The associate that you talk to will help you understand what must be done to discontinue coverage, and you should work with them on any final claims that you might have floating around. During this call, you could change plans, and you will be sent to another plan that will give you the coverage that you need. You can change plans at any time, but you must speak to someone about how to change from one company to another.

The claims are all handled through Medicare, and you will learn about how to contact your new insurance provider. You might change your Medicare Advantage Plans, and you will find that there are many people who need these plans because they need extra cash. If this is the case, you must call the service center to ask for a new plan at once.

Anyone who is trying to enroll in their insurance plans should call the service center or check online. Anyone who wants to have a nice insurance plan can check FirstQuote Health. Someone who wants to get information on their plan can do that right now, and sign up for their plans instantly. You can get new coverage if you just turned 65, or you can pick your new coverage under the allowances of the AEP. Be certain that you take care of your Medicare as soon as possible.