Medicare Rights Center & Center For Medicare Advocacy

By: Thomas Wright
Published: Tuesday, October 02 2018
Last Updated: 3 years ago

Enrolling in Medicare and finding the perfect plan is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make in your senior years, so why leave it up to chance? The Medicare Rights Center is helping thousands of American seniors like you each day by helping them navigate the ever complex Medicare system. Learn how the Medicare Rights Center can help protect your future.

The Medicare Rights Center

The Medicare Rights Center is a nonprofit organization that helps people to navigate the seemingly complex world of senior healthcare. With Medicare advocacy, individuals with disabilities and older adults can receive counseling and educational programs to help them find the right insurance. The Medicare Rights Center manages a multilingual national Medicare helpline that is free to everyone.

Many Medicare Rights’ attorneys have answered millions of questions from professionals, families and resource staff to help individuals learn what Medicare is and all about their benefits. With all the changes in Medicare policy, the Medicare Rights has always been able to meet the needs of people with the proper information through their Medicare helpline.

How It Helps You

Individuals save millions of dollars each year on their Medicare by learning their rights from the Medicare Rights Center. Medicare advocacy teaches individuals about eligibility for financial assistance programs and all about the interactive Medicare website. The Medicare Minute program and the Medicare Rights Center hands out programs, scripts and handouts to organizations all over the nation so they can present the offerings to communities, libraries, senior centers, and residences.

National Helpline

The National Helpline helps people to find the answers to all their questions about finding affordable healthcare, and choosing a plan that fits their needs. Thousands of people call the Medicare helpline every day with questions on finding the right coverage, what their benefits are, and how to understand the coverage workings. Many people do not know that there is extra help out there for people of low or fixed income.

The Medicare advocacy staff at the Medicare helpline talks to people directly to help them with their needs. The Medicare staff and volunteers can help people find programs that will help with the cost of Medicare services. There are programs for individuals to help pay their Part B premium and programs to help lower the cost of prescriptions.

Other Resources

There are many other resources that can help individuals with Medicare questions. Medicare Plan Finder will help people with Medicare Prescription and Advantage Drug plans. will teach you about the Affordable Care Act and what insurance options are available. The State Health Insurance Assistance Program, better know as SHIP is a national program. It offers a one-on-one counseling program and assistance to families and people on Medicare.

There is also MedlinePlus, BenefitsCheckUp, United Hospital Fund, Consumer Reports and that are free and help people with all kinds of problems concerning Medicare.

Medicare Rights Center Makes Learning Fun and Easy

People know that understanding Medicare is not easy. The Medicare Rights Center has resources that will help make it easier and give you the support training necessary with lectures and meetings. The interactive Dear Marci, Medicare Rights University and Medicare Watch are a few of the resources that help people every day.

The latest Medicare information can be found in Medicare’s electronic newsletters. It will give a person alerts and the latest in information about Medicare. The MI or Medicare Interactive program is an online independent free information service. It helps people to get through all the questions of Medicare.

Medicare Content

Individuals can find Medicare content on the internet. Including tons of useful tips right here on FirstQuote Medicare. You can learn about what Medicare Covers, Medicare Part D, Supplements and other insurance, How to Manage Your Health and get the Forms and other resource information. Any questions you have about Medicare is answered on this site or gives you the proper resource so you can get the right answers to all your questions.

Quizzes and Tests

There are sites on the internet, that individuals can take a test on how much they know about Medicare and what all Medicare covers. There are ten simple questions is a few of the examples and they cover things like, what Part A covers, what Part B covers and what services are not covered by Medicare.

The questions are all about what you may or may not know and the answers are right there to help you gain knowledge. Learning all about what Medicare does and does not cover will help you to decide on what secondary health plans you should consider so that you are covered by insurance as much as possible.