Top 10 Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies 2018

By: Meredith Miller
Published: Wednesday, September 12 2018
Last Updated: 4 years ago

Finding the right Medicare Supplement plan is the first, and often most important step to protecting your health and financial security during your senior years. For many, you will only have one shot to enroll in a plan that fits your needs, which is during your personal Open Enrollment Period. Why would you want to take any chances? At FirstQuote Medicare, we know how difficult this decision can be, which is why we put together a list of the top 10 Medicare Supplement insurance companies for 2018.

Our Ranking System

Before we start, it’s important to note that not everyone will have the same medical needs and budgets, which makes finding the best Medicare Supplement companies a bit difficult. However, we came up with a system that looks at the overall health and satisfaction of each Medigap insurance provider to help you make the most informed decision possible.

We still recommend talking to an experienced professional before making any final decisions. The reason being is that this is typically a permanent decision, and your health and financial situation will likely change in the coming years, so it’s crucial to plan ahead. You can easily find an experienced agent or broker with FirstQuote Medicare by simply entering your zip code here or giving us a call.

Preview of The 10 Best Medicare Supplement Companies

If you’re looking for a quick overview, we won’t make you read through the entire list. Here are the 10 best Medigap insurance companies of 2018:

  1. Mutual Of Omaha
  2. United American
  3. AARP
  4. Aetna
  5. UnitedHealthcare
  6. Cigna
  7. Humana
  8. Transamerica
  9. Bankers Fidelity
  10. Manhattan Life

If you’re curious as to why each of these companies was ranked, continue reading to see exactly what went into the process. Again, it’s important to reiterate that these rankings are based on a number of factors, but each individual has unique needs. Meaning, lower ranking companies may still have better Medigap plans for you.

1. Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement Insurance

Mutual of Omaha tops our list at number 1 for Medicare Supplement insurance companies. Known for their comprehensive plans and competitive pricing, Mutual of Omaha is the perfect place to start your search.

Their site even includes an easy to use tool that lets you instantly compare plans available in your area that are tailored to your needs.

This industry veteran has been around since the beginning. In fact, in 1966, when the Medicare program was first created, it was Mutual of Omaha that was chosen to sell both Medicare Parts A and B. Since then, the company has expanded to become a leader in innovation and coverage. As you can see from the ratings below, they are financially stable and have a great track record of customer satisfaction according to both their own website and the Better Business Bureau.

AM Best Rating - A+ S&P Rating - AA- BBB Rating - A+

2. United American Medicare Supplement Insurance

While United American may not be as popular as some of the other companies on the list, their financial strength and customer satisfaction ranks them as the runner-up. It’s hard to overlook a Medicare Supplement insurance company that offers so many options.

As per the United American official website, they offer all 10 of the Medigap plans available, and at a competitive rate too! While their site may not be as easy to navigate as most, it seems that they focus their efforts and quality and customer service, which is what really matters.

AM Best Rating - A+ S&P Rating - AA- BBB Rating - A+

3. AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance

Probably one of, if not the most recognized name in Medicare, AARP finds themselves at number 3. If it wasn’t for their AM Best rating, AARP would likely have ranked a step higher.

Prior to Medicare, it was the efforts of Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus that helped American seniors take care of themselves for the future. In fact, Dr. Andrus first helped retired teachers find healthcare coverage but expanded to help everyone.

With an easy to use quoting service, AARP is insured by another company on this list, UnitedHealthcare. Along with great financial strength and customer satisfaction, AARP is one of the leading providers of information surrounding Medicare. In fact, the majority of Americans get updates and learn about their healthcare through AARP, whether or not they are insured by them.

AM Best Rating - A S&P Rating - AA- BBB Rating - A+

4. Aetna Medicare Supplement Insurance

Aetna is probably better known for their health insurance plans, but did you know they are also a leading Medicare Supplement company? It’s true, and they even rank number 4 on our list.

Though Aetna doesn’t offer Medicare Supplemental plans everywhere, they're easy to use website will quickly tell you what’s available in your area. You can choose from Medicare Plans A, B, F, G, and N, which can provide you with some of the most comprehensive coverage.

With strong financial scores and great customer satisfaction, it’s definitely worth looking into an Aetna Medicare Supplement plan. For those who aren’t yet eligible for Medicare, you can also check out their individual and family health insurance plans.

AM Best Rating - A S&P Rating - AA- BBB Rating - A+

5. UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement Insurance

UnitedHealthcare just cracks the top 5 Medigap insurance companies, although they were mentioned earlier as they insure AARP. UnitedHealthcare is one of the largest Medicare Supplement providers, along with the largest health insurance company in the nation.

This industry heavy hitter has an easy to use website, strong financial ratings, and a great track record with customers. We should note, any of the mentioned top 10 Medicare Supplement insurance companies will make a great option.

AM Best Rating - A S&P Rating - AA- BBB Rating - A+

6. Cigna Medicare Supplement Insurance

Cigna may not be as big of a name or company as UnitedHealthcare, but their brand is pretty well-known in its own right. Coming in at number 6 is Cigna Medicare Supplemental plans.

While their website makes finding Medicare Supplement quotes easy in most states, there are certain restrictions. For example, if you live in California, you will have to speak to a licensed agent to compare Cigna Medigap plans. That being said, they still have an excellent rating when it comes to financial strength and customer satisfaction.

AM Best Rating - A S&P Rating - AA- BBB Rating - A+

7. Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance

As the last major health insurance company to make the list, Humana’s Medicare Supplement plans land at number 7. With Humana, you get to choose from 8 out of the 10 Medigap plans available, and with some of the most competitive pricing, your wallet will be sure to thank you.

Humana may not measure up to some of its competitors when it comes to financial strength and security, but you can be sure you’ll be getting great plans and customer service when you sign up. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, it’s not hard to see why so many seniors choose a Humana Medigap plan.

AM Best Rating - A- S&P Rating - BBB+ BBB Rating - A+

8. Transamerica Medicare Supplement Insurance

Transamerica has been around for some time. Established in 1904, the financial service company ventured into Medicare, and found themselves ranked at number 8. Their website is easy to navigate, however, depending on where you live, information may be restricted.

While Transamerica is financially sound, with an A+ AM Best rating and AA- S&P rating, they aren’t BBB accredited. Although, you shouldn’t think too much about the lower BBB rating since it stems from failure to respond to 2 complaints.

AM Best Rating - A+ S&P Rating - AA- BBB Rating - B

9. Bankers Fidelity Medicare Supplement Insurance

Bankers Fidelity makes our list at number 9 even though they have yet to be accredited by the BBB, and don’t have a Standard & Poor rating. Regardless, their 60+ years of experience show that they know what they’re doing.

AM Best Rating - A- S&P Rating - N/A BBB Rating - N/A

10. Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement Insurance

Manhattan Life rounds out our list of the top 10 Medicare Supplemental insurance companies. While they do have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, their financial scores are lacking a bit, but are still considered one of the top Medigap insurers in the country.

They offer 8 out of the 10 available Medigap plans, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs. Their website also makes it easy to get in contact with one of their agents, and even compare plans in your area.

AM Best Rating - B+ S&P Rating - N/A BBB Rating - A+