Medicare Supplement Plan G

By: Edward Neeman
Published: Thursday, July 26 2018
Last Updated: 5 years ago

Medicare Supplement Plan G, commonly known as Medigap Plan G, is one of 10 Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans offered beyond Original Medicare Parts A and B. Every US citizen who qualifies for Medicare can consider Medigap Plan G to cover costs that are incurred and not covered under Parts A and B.

The Medicare Supplement Plan G is not as widely known by individuals who are 65 and older who are eligible for it, but according to the American Health Insurance Plan, Plan G is growing in popularity. Since 2015, enrollment in the Medicare Plan G coverage has increased nearly 28%.

What Is Medicare Plan G?

If you buy Medigap Plan G coverage, you will be getting all of the benefits that Medicare Supplemental Insurance has to offer with few exceptions. As with all Medicare Supplemental plans, Plan G is guaranteed to be renewable through the private insurance companies that they are bought through no matter when they were originally purchased. This means that if you purchase a Medicare Supplemental Plan G, you can keep your coverage for as long as you want it and pay the premium on time without fear of it being canceled.

What Does Medicare Supplemental Plan G Cover?

Medigap Plan G gives a policyholder coverage under nearly all of the 9 Medigap Supplemental Insurance benefits. This includes the following Medicare plan G coverage:

  • Coinsurance Under Medicare Part A - The Medicare coverage under this plan covers hospital costs. This includes cost-sharing allowances that include coinsurance. When you experience a hospital stay, it is covered by Medicare Part A in full for up to 60 days. When this is exceeded, Medicare Plan G coverage takes effect and pays for the coinsurance costs that are incurred.

  • Coinsurance And Copayments Under Medicare Part B - This plan usually includes costs related to doctor visits and some outpatient services related to coinsurance and copayments. Medicare Part B will pay a maximum of 80% of these services that are approved through the Medicare guidelines based on services that are covered. The 20% of the cost that is left is covered under Medicare Supplemental Plan G based on coinsurance and copayment charges.

  • Initial 3 Pints Of Blood During Hospitalization - Under Original Medicare, coverage for blood only begins at the fourth pint of blood that is given. With Medicare Plan G, your coverage begins with the first pint of blood up until the basic coverage under Parts A and B begins.

  • Coinsurance And Copayment Under Medicare Part A For Hospice Services - In cases of terminal illness, Medicare Part A provides for medical treatment, but it does not include copayment costs. This usually includes a $5 copay for each symptom that is diagnosed as well as the prescribed medication for relief. There is also a 5% cost approval only for hospice services which is considered long-term care. Medicare Plan G covers the additional cost in full.

  • Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance Costs - Parts A and B do not cover the coinsurance charges for care provided at a dedicated nursing facility that specializes in long-term critical care. Medicare Supplement plan G covers these services.

  • Deductible for Medicare Part A - As of 2018, the deductible that the federal government has set for Plan A is $1,340 annually. Medicare Supplement Plan G will cover this deductible during the period of coverage even if the deductible goes up.

  • Additional Charges During Doctor Visits Under Medicare Part B** - Doctors are allowed to bill Medicare up to 15% more for each procedure performed during a doctor visit. This additional cost is not covered under Original Medicare. These are classified as excess charges that anyone who has a Medicare Supplemental Plan G would be covered for and paid in full.

  • Overseas Travel Emergencies - Once a policyholder under Medicare Plan G satisfies a $250 deductible, 80% of medical services deemed as an emergency will be covered under the Medicare Supplement Plan G insurance.

What Doesn’t Medicare Plan G Cover?

Medigap plan G does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible which is $183 as of 2018. It also does not offer coverage for vision or dental. Additionally, hearing aids and private skilled nursing care in-home or at a senior living facility are also not covered.

What is the Cost of Medicare Supplement Plan G?

Private insurance companies set their own pricing for Medigap insurance coverage, so premiums will vary depending upon the state, zip code, and county that you live in. The benefits themselves are standardized based on federal guidelines, but some insurance companies will offer potential policyholders additional benefits with each Supplemental Insurance Plan.

Who Should Consider Medicare Plan G?

You should first assess your current health status when you are considering any Medigap plan. If you are anticipating some costly medical services in the future, then the wide range of benefits that a Medicare plan G has to offer may be for you.